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Beyond Our Differences; Movie Review



Movie Review:
Beyond Our Differences


 Review by Nancy Eastman
September 16, 2012


This video Won:
2008 Cine Golden Eagle Award

2008 Silver Remi, WorldFest Houston International Film Festival
2008 Best Spiritual Documentary, NY International Independent Film Video Festival


This video was an Official Selection for:
2008 Non-Violence International Film Festival

2008 Global Peace Film Festival
2008 Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival
2008 Peace on Earth Film Festival
2009 West Hollywood International Film Festival
2009 Indianapolis International Film Festival
2009 DocuWest
2009 DocuFest Atlanta


“Beyond Our Differences …
          there is a field
                    I will meet you there.”
     Inspired By Jalaluddin Rumi



I have tried very hard to list every person that is shown speaking in this video; at least those that have their names listed throughout the video.


Ambassador Andrew Young
Archbishop Desmond Tutu
Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald
Chief Rabbi David Rosen
Congressman Brian Baird
Daniel L. Shapiro PhD
Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi
Deepak Choprah, MD
Dr. Gilbert Bond
Dr. Mouneer Anis
Dr. Mustafa Ceric
Dr. Noah Salameh
Ela Ghandi
Farida Vahadi
Father Kieran Creagh
Gillian Caldwell
His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Imam, Feisal Abdul Rauf
Jakayo Mrisho Kikwete
Jessiee Kaur Singh
Karen Armstrong
Katherine Marshall
Lily Habash
Lord Carey of Clifton
Melisse Lewan Boskovitch
Mohamad Kahtmai
Paolo Coelho
Peter Gabriel
Professor Robert Thurman
Rabbi Ezekial Isaac Malekar
Sheikh Ali Gomaa
Shukra Barakzai
Van Jones, Esq.
Venerable Geshe Lhakdor


I recently discovered this documentary at the Public Library. It is an absolutely fantastic creation that demonstrates what the Golden Rule is all about – in many different religions. How do I write a review that would demonstrate the global love that is shown throughout the film?


This documentary covers a wide variety of religions, and the different speakers from different religions are pretty much saying the same thing. They talk about tolerance and respect.


This video is full of different people, from different religions, speaking directly to you through this film. Please view this video, and you will discover that it is full of a wide variety of people, and religions, and beliefs. And they all pretty much say the same thing. (I wanted to include some quotes from the many speakers throughout the movie in this review, but I am not sure whether or not I would be violating the copyright for the video, so I have not included them here.)


“All religions teach the basic principals of love and compassion. These are simple ideas. But they have shaped the most revolutionary ideas of our times.” This is in the film’s audio commentary. She continues on to talk briefly about Mahatma Ghandi. And then Ela Ghandi speaks briefly. Then they proceed on to talk about Martin Luther King, and how he was inspired by Ghandi. And yes, apartheid in South Africa years ago is discussed too.


Another piece of this film shows a Palestinian and an Israeli that wanted to meet together and talk with each other. But …. that involves extreme difficulties. This video shows you how that happened, and they explain it all to their audience.


I highly recommend that you go and purchase a copy of this documentary yourself. Then spend some family time together sitting and watching it. Plan on spending time together after you have viewed this, so that you and your family and/or your friends can sit and discuss how you can put this to use in your own lives.


Yes, I have fallen in love with this documentary. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of it, you can help GoldenRule4Everyone by clicking on the link here in this article, and making the purchase that way.


PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. You can click on the individual link, or click on the Amazon link, and then do a search for “Beyond Our Differences.”

I do receive a small commission from Amazon when someone clicks on the links and purchases a copy.



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